Faradays Welcomes La Bouche Rouge Paris to New Zealand - FARADAYS

The luxury French clean beauty Maison is the first ever makeup line to offer pure formulas with no micro plastics in entirely re-fillable, recyclable and monogrammable cases, completely reinventing the makeup ritual.

With long-lasting, nourishing, and efficacious formulas made of nature’s most wonderful ingredients, every product is created without compromise; as is every case, being handmade in France by artisans, using the finest up-cycled leathers and vegan leathers by the elite Les Tanneries du Puy.


Since its debut in 2017, La Bouche Rouge’s vision has been to create luxury that makes life more beautiful, all the while protecting the earth for generations to come. A luxury that does not pollute, destroy, or harm. In this quest for natural perfection, French craftsmanship plays a pivotal role: it allows La Bouche Rouge to merge quality and sustainability, as well as the notion of pleasure.

Translating directly to "red lips" in French, the name ‘La Bouche Rouge’ also represents having a voice, striking a message - of speaking with meaning and with purpose.


Choose your colour, select your case, and have it monogrammed, to be refilled forever.

A note from Faradays co-founder, Constance von Dadelszen on the arrival of La Bouche Rouge to New Zealand.

“It’s easy to fall in love with something you find in Paris, whether it’s a pair of heels or simply a postcard. Everything you stumble across in the city of love just has a certain romance to it; then you put it in your bag, travel home and each time you see it, you relive that charming feeling of discovery.


“When I discovered La Bouche Rouge for the first time wandering around La Bon Marché, it was love at first sight. I was seduced by the packaging, the French cool girl colours and the customisation. But then I listened to the founder’s story, imbued with passion for clean beauty and sustainability, and I fell hard.

“On each trip abroad, I would treat myself to a new product or a new case; they are now little keepsakes of special moments over the past 5 years. A perfect red shade for a celebration, a nude pink with my new initials bought on my honeymoon, and a new baby blue case for wh­en I found out I was pregnant with my baby boy.

"It’s a brand that is as beautiful inside as it is out, and now we finally have the chance for our Faradays clientele to be seduced,

and hopefully fall in love with La Bouche Rouge in the same way that I did.”

Faradays is proud to be the exclusive New Zealand flagship home of La Bouche Rouge, and the brand's first ever stockist within the Southern Hemisphere.

Discover the complete La Bouche Rouge cosmetics collection now, both online and in store.


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The La Bouche Rouge Beauty Counter

The La Bouche Rouge Beauty Counter is now open for service, offering personalised support when

selecting products, cases, and for one-on-one makeup applications.


Choose from two service options to suit your taste:


The La Bouche Rouge Makeup Application

$129 pp - one hour service - redeemable on product

Let our talented make up artist create a beautiful look of your choice, with a range of La Bouche Rouge lip, eye and face products.


The La Bouche Rogue Lip Service 

$59 pp - half hour service - redeemable on product

Indulge in a divine lip treatment using the La Bouche Rouge Lip Scrub and Serum.

Our make up artist will then apply your desired lip look, using La Bouche Rouge Lip Pencils, Lipsticks and Baumes.