Gianvito Rossi - FARADAYS
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Founded in 2006 in the charming region of Romagna, Italy, famed shoemaker Gianvito Rossi learned not only the tools of the trade, but also the traditions of a true craftsman from the equally celebrated shoemaker, his father; Sergio Rossi.

In a constant search for perfection, like Sergio, Gianvito's designs adhere to the family tradition of impeccable quality and handicraft, with a contemporary, yet feminine edge.

Each timeless Gianvito Rossi creation features elegant trademark details with a twist - from clean, minimalist lines to graphic silhouettes, his shoes feature everything from leopard print, lace embroidery, sparkling crystals and delicate plumes, to elegant ruffles and see-through glass details, giving a new delicacy to otherwise classically glamorous silhouettes.

A single undercurrent unites every style - the quest to make the perfect shoe, balanced by quality, beauty and integrity.