Hermetica Paris - FARADAYS


Hermetica Paris represents a new approach in the creation of fragrances, combining the beauty of nature and intelligence of science. A collection of clean fragrances inspired by the ancient Florentine practice of alchemy-powerful scents, gentle on the skin, respectful of the environment, combining history and modernity. These hybrid formulas were developed using a unique patented technology, a worldwide first in the fragrance industry. Hermetica Paris' ethos is based on the belief that finding the perfect fragrance relies on the connection between the precious molecules within a fragrance and one’s skin; both long-lasting, clean and alcohol-free, like a true gesture of beauty aware of the environment. The result of this modern-day alchemy is four collections of long-lasting and moisturizing fragrances, plus the Source1 accord- an incredible scent that can be layered with any fragrance to give them a modern and vibrant twist.