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Since its debut in 2017, La bouche rouge’s vision has been to create luxury that makes life more beautiful, all the while protecting the earth for generations to come. A luxury that does not pollute, destroy or harm.

In this quest for natural perfection, French craftsmanship plays a pivotal role: it allows La bouche rouge to merge quality and sustainability, as well as the notion of pleasure.

La bouche rouge also applies this exigency in its proprietary lab, where it develops patented, singular formulas, with a minimum of 60% active ingredients and up to 91% for its lipsticks. Uncompromising, the Maison thus obtains powerful serums, as clean as they are performant.

La bouche rouge is a call to change. A change in our forms of consumption, as well as production and redistribution, with the objective of leaving a positive impact throughout the entire line.

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