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Love and Object

With a passion for rare and unique jewellery, fashion and objets d’art, Faradays’ co-founder and Creative Director, Constance von Dadelszen's deep love for objects that were both beautiful and individual began many years before the luxury department store was born.

At first founding the notable vintage designer sourcing company, Love and Object, in 2013, Constance’s initial foray into the industry saw her collecting and sharing iconic and covetable objects from eras passed, by the world’s most influential designers and tastemakers - a number of which are now at Faradays today, presenting their most current international collections.

Beautifully crafted, eternally stylish and infused with a timeless and seductive allure, Love and Object presents a curated, seasonal offering of authentic vintage bijoux and accessories for the discerning eye.

Each piece has been personally selected by Constance from trusted sources around the world, to be adored by those who celebrate authenticity, rarity and quality in the objects they choose to adorn their homes and bodies with.