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Elizabeth DeBerry Faradays Bar

If you've ever visited our in-house bar, you'll have certainly had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth - Faradays' colourful Head of Hospitality in residence and all around warm, charming soul.

In this month's editorial, our fabulous host-with-the-most reveals her three non-negotiable ingredients for a great party, how a background in theatre informs her everyday work, and her philosophy on enjoying life's simple pleasures.

Read on to get to know Elizabeth a little more, and click here to discover our new season menu and wine list, curated with beloved guests in mind.

I’ve always loved throwing parties

Whether it be dinner parties, birthday parties, or putting together events for work - creating experiences and moments for people is what I have been drawn to since I can remember.

And that’s what I love about hospitality. You’re facilitating someone’s experiences in a particular space. You’re helping them to celebrate a milestone, a special occasion, or even an everyday delight - and you get to be a part of it.


On a background in performance

As a child, I wanted to be an opera singer – I just had this yearning to be on a stage.

But I come from a family of academics - my father, a teacher and my mother, a professor. So from a young age, there was an emphasis on the traditional routes of education.

Through high school I managed to get my way a little, by studying drama and music. I performed in plays like Chicago, and did cabaret.

Funnily enough, though, history and geography were two of my favourite school subjects. And really, to work in wine, you need to understand history. You need to understand geography. Much more than just reciting the notes of a good chardonnay, you must know why is that grape grown there, what battles were fought on that land to let it survive there, what is in the soil that makes it taste so good, why is it not grown anywhere else.


There were always little crumbs along the way that guided me to my purpose.

Initially I sang in restaurants in the evenings. I loved the atmosphere of it, but what I realised I was really lured to, was the broader hospitality offering.

It consistently drew me in. Seeing how all of the elements come together to create an energy, an end result – from the dance of the kitchen team to the timing of each drink delivery at the bar – it was a performance in itself.

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On finding a dream role at Faradays

I had known Eddie and Constance for years, and had held deep respect for their work, via Dadelszen and Love and Object.

After returning home from London, where I had been running a whisky bar and member’s club, we were just coming out of lockdown number one, when they called me to have a chat about work.

I had assumed it would be about my stage work, as I had performed at company events in years past. But they explained their plan to open a luxury department store, and within it, would sit a resident wine and champagne bar, as the jewel in its crown. At that point, they said “and, Elizabeth, we’d like you to run it.”

I would say the timing couldn’t have been more serendipitous.


On curating the perfect wine list

Working on our seasonal list is no mean feat, but it’s one of my greatest pleasures.

Making the list is not just about revealing and showcasing new wines that I or one of our founders have discovered and adore, it’s also being in tune with what we know our guests want to see, and being able to delight them with our updates.

I had a client recently tell me about a favourite wine – a particular Domaine Raveneau– that they had tried long ago, but had not been able to find since. I managed to track down five bottles and popped it especially on our list for them. It was a special day to see their reaction as soon as they noticed.

For me it is as much about involving people in the process and the growth of our bar, as it is about them enjoying the moment – and I think that’s what I love the most about my job.

On everyday indulgence

I’m not one for splashing out and treating myself to something big. Rather, I think one should treat one’s-self to little luxuries every day.

A good coffee. A nice glass of wine at the end of a long day. Watching a favourite show.

I don’t like to save things for special occasions - I don’t have two sets of china, and I wear my favourite shoes every day. I think every day should be treated like a special occasion – because every day is a gift.

And for that reason alone, I say - always use the good wine glasses. Always drink the good wine.


On the key ingredients for a great party

In the end, I think the reason people remember a great party, and similarly why they return back to their favourite venues, is down to three simple things - and that’s great food, great wine, and great people

It’s the people who bring the energy, and the energy is what brings people back. People come back to experience those good feelings and, at Faradays, we offer that in abundance.

Of course, as well, it is about those finishing touches, and we pride ourselves on those. From our custom Ginori plate ware to the silk and canvas walls, the choice of music, and even down to the lighting – it’s incredible how much a space can transform with the dimming of a switch, and the addition of some beautiful Stories of Italy candles.

We’ve hosted a few private functions to date, and it’s been really special to see each vision come to life for our guests inside the bar.

Like I know Eddie and Constance do too, I consider Faraday’s Bar to be an extension of my home. Pop inside and let us treat you like family. Enjoy the fabulous wine, the fabulous food and (if I may say so myself), the very fabulous company.

And if for nothing else, come in for my wonderfully awful array of dad jokes – I have plenty of those in my pocket, and I dish them out for free.

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Processed with VSCO with a4 preset