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Cypress Balls Wax Candleholder


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The Cypress Balls Candle by LOEWE Home Scents is a mid-intensity fragrance. Once lit, the aromatic scent fills the room and evokes an evergreen aroma of the coniferous cypress tree, revealing its deep woody notes. The Cypress Wax Candleholder by LEOWE Home Scents is shaped in an opulent, sculptural figure. An olfactory creation that highlights nature’s more authentic and pure scents.

Approximate burn time: 10 hours

Grams of wax: 330g

Aromatic family: Aromatic

100% vegetable wax with one cotton wick

The candle should be placed on a heatproof surface, such as our terracotta base intended for this use and can be purchased separately

Designed to look like a tapered candle in a traditional singular brass holder, Loewe's ' clever 'candlesticks' are a beautiful trompe l'oeil for the home

Burning all the way to the bottom, watch as the wax melts enchantingly down, forming a unique, organic sculpture as time wears on

Made in Spain

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