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Il Viaggio Di Nettuno Set of 2 Coffee Cups and Saucers


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A statement of luxury for every day use or special occasions, the exquisite coffee cup and saucer set is an elegant addition to any household; a generational keepsake or a generous gift for the discerning recipient. Restrained in its hand decoration, the coffee cup has a candy pink ground with shell and coral prints that are offset by deep blue accents and gold detailing. The saucer compliments the cup with a deep blue wave border pattern and white ground, with the form of a seashell, further emphasizing the influence of the sea. A concise offering that showcases the dialogue between the classical and modern; unique designed objects that are veritable artistic installations for the home.

Saucer diameter 11cm

Cup diameter 5.3cm, Cup height 5.7cm

Set of 2, including 2 Coffee Cups and 2 Saucers


Hand decorated with precious metals

Designed in collaboration with Luke Edward Hall

Made in Italy

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