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Labirinto Candle with Cover


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The Arte di Gio Ponti collection was originally conceived approximately 100years ago, representing timeless objects of design. The illustration, which forms a pair with La Conversazione Classica (The Classical Conversation), made its début on the occasion of the Monza Biennale in 1923, but it was only in 1924 that it began to be applied for decorating plates. The example on a white background, consists of two decals that must be perfectly superimposed in order to create the gold highlights on the dark blue silhouettes as well as on the tiling. After firing the decal, the gold is applied on the edge with a brush for both types of decoration. Giò Ponti revived the classical inspiration of the Manufactory, evoking the 18th century tastes of travellers on the Grand Tour. It is also said to presumably refers to the itinerary around the excavations in Rome, inaugurated in 1918 and known as the Archaeological Stroll, hence the naming of this gorgeous decorative piece.


- Scented Candle fragrance (Scarlet): Rose and Saffron
- Scented Candle fragrance (Black): Incense and Camphor
- Top notes: Aromatic Floral - Bulgarian Rose, Geranium, Violet, Chamomile, Saffron
- Middle notes: Spicy Floral – Mimosa, Gelsomino, Iris of Florence, Cloves of Carnation
- Base notes: Aromatic Woody – Patchouli, Sandalwood, Bran, Honey, Beeswax

- Hand-decorated
- Approximately 60 hours of burn time
- Porcelain jar can be reused as a decorative object
- Made in Italy

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