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Nougat Dessert Plates – Mixed Set of 2


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Encompassing previously discarded shards of Murano glass to create unique works of art, the exquisite dessert plates in sets of 2 Aquamarine & Karkade, Blue & Orange, Grey & Ruby, are formed with transparent coloured shards which are fused to an opaque white glass to form the perfect background for the contemporary terrazzo-like pattern. Each piece is exclusive, with no two ever being the same, making this set an even more rare and exotic collection to treasure.


Size per plate - Height 2cm and Diameter 21cm

Sold as a Set of two plates - Aquamarine & Karkade, Blue & Orange, Grey & Ruby

Designed to be mixed and matched

Material - Murano glass

Manufacturing process - Mouth blowing and hand-finishing

Made in Milan, Italy

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