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Pack of Ceramic & Sticks (25) Ivy


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Enhance your surroundings with Spanish Bohemia, courtesy of the LOEWE Home Scents Incense Set. This set holds a beautifully crafted terracotta incense holder paired with 25 bamboo incense sticks infused with the essence of Ivy. Embracing the unique design ethos of LOEWE Home Scents Scented Candles, the Incense Holder exhibits glazed terracotta artistry, featuring a ribbed surface and an organic, curvilinear shape, ensuring a safe and clean incense-burning experience.

Every Ivy incense stick unveils a woody fragrance reminiscent of the crisp, green aroma of a lush, climbing vine. Over time, this scent blossoms with subtle floral notes, adding depth to the experience.

The Home Scents creations are an ode to nature’s purest aromas, each one a unique olfactory masterpiece. Crafted by hand, no two Home Scents items are precisely alike, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience for your senses.

- Contains 25 incense sticks.

- Duration of burn (per stick): 30 minutes

- Olfactory family: Floral

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