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Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm


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Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm, enhanced with the exclusive Pure Gold Diffusion System, is a rich night cream that amplifies skin’s nightly regenerating processes. More than a gesture, it is a ceremony that envelops skin in a comforting embrace. Night after night, fragile skin is revitalised, replenished and restored from within. Come morning, a new radiance arises.

Inspired by ancient rituals, the Pure Gold Nocturnal Ritual begins with a signature gesture using the Nocturnal Massage Stone. After cleansing and toning, the Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate, or alternatively, a small amount of the Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm is applied to the skin as a base for the immersive ceremony. A series of specially conceived massage strokes using the cooling Nocturnal Massage Stone follow. After performing the signature gesture, Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream is applied in the under-eye area. Finally, the skin is cosseted with the application of the Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm.

60 ml/ 2 oz

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