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Tempo Ivory & Karkade Goblets – Set of 2


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Tableware is not only the embodiment of a cultural idea; it also becomes an object of pure contemplation as well as that of practical use. Dining rituals, the world round, are steeped in culture and tradition, adding meaning to mundane moments in our everyday lives.

The internal white core of these articles are derived from the traditional macia (macchia) technique, which was employed during the 18th century for the production of the Murano glass chandeliers. The chromatic effect is the result of the fusion of fragments of glass wrapped around the pea (the initial glass core found in every hollow glass object). The Murano macchie (stained glass), characterised by well-defined contours, in this series have been stretched, blended together, broken down and cut. The irregular surface of the crystal, which is modelled by hand, recreates lavish, elegant shades of ivory and karkade that glows.

Height 24cm

Diameter 10 cm

Material - Murano Glass

Manufacturing process - Mold-blowing and hand finishing

Made in Italy

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