The Lover (L’Amante) Scenting Statue


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L’Amante, The Lover is the audacious one. An exclusive and limited edition scented statue that carries a flame which burns in one night or to last a lifetime. The Lover’s passion burns in secret chambers or in outrageous ostentation.

An exquisite candleholder, this is number 70/100 made exclusively for the LCDC Ginori 1735 collection, and the only one available at Faradays. Crafted from Bisque porcelain, the form of a statue of a man in neoclassical style is draped in cloth, while his head is hidden behind an ornate golden helmet, symbolising his secret passion.

These creations designed by Luca Nichetto are timeless works of art. Ginori brings back to life the most exciting characters of the court of Caterina ‘de Medici in the creation of the LCDC collection – a home fragrance collection of hand-made porcelain decorative scenting totems. The statuesque faces of the characters become the archetypal protagonists of the LCDC collection, thanks to a modern reinterpretation, inspired by, Jean-Paul Gouse’s illustrations and graffiti and Lucha Libre’s masks.

Ensure you are the lucky one to secure this incredible limited edition piece, as there is only one. A piece to be revered by you and your guests for many years to come, there is no doubt its beauty and character will be a topic of conversation.

Boredom is not welcome at home.

Height 50cm

Diameter 15cm

Scenting Statue - tealight holder (comes beautifully packaged with a set of 6 tea lights in each of the 3 fragrances)

Limited edition 70/100, numbered on the base - Certificate of authenticity included

Designed by Luca Nichetto

Hand decorated with precious metals

Materials - Porcelain/ Plastic/ Wax

Tealight candle refills available for purchase separately in 3 fragrances;
Orange Renaissance
A joyful and uplifting composition. Citrus woody fragrance
Top notes: Bergamot, Blackcurrant
Middle notes: Mint, Tuscan Cypress
Base notes: Honey, Moss

Purple Hill
Light and refreshing floral composition. Floral fragrance
Top notes: Mandarin, Bergamot
Middle notes: Lavender, Violet leaf
Base notes: White flowers, Whitewood

Black Stone
Recalls the spice used by Alchemists at the time of Medici’s era in Florence. Oriental fragrance
Top notes: Nutmeg, Cloves, Cinnamon
Middle notes: Patchouli
Base notes: Amber, Musk

Made in Italy