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Tomato Leaves Rattan Sticks Refill


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The LOEWE Home Scents by Jonathan Anderson, in collaboration with the in-house perfumer Nuria Cuelles, are inspired by childhood memories and raw vegetable gardens.

The Tomato Leaves Sticks evoke a fresh, verdant aroma of the vines just before they burst into fruit. This high-intensity fragrance later reveals its delicate notes of cassis berries.

Note that this is the refill liquid for the Tomato Leaves Rattan Sticks diffuser and does not include the ceramic container or the rattan sticks (the rattan sticks come complimentary with the ceramic container).


200ml - Approximately 3 months usage

Olfactory family - Green

5 rattan sticks

Ceramic container not included, fragrance refill only

To use - Pour entire contents of the refill into the ceramic container (sold separately) and insert rattan sticks

Made in Spain

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