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Tomato Leaves Wax Candleholder


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The Tomato Leaves Candle by LOEWE Home Scents evokes a fresh, verdant aroma of the vines just before they burst into fruit. This high-intensity fragrance reveals its delicate notes of cassis berries once lit. Revealing a delicate floral notes once lit, the scent is shaped in an opulent, sculptural figure. An olfactory creation that highlights nature’s more authentic and pure scents.

Approximate burn time: 10 hours

Grams of wax: 330g

Aromatic family: Floral

100% vegetable wax with one cotton wick

The candle should be placed on a heatproof surface, such as our terracotta base intended for this use and can be purchased separately

Designed to look like a tapered candle in a traditional singular brass holder, Loewe's ' clever 'candlesticks' are a beautiful trompe l'oeil for the home

Burning all the way to the bottom, watch as the wax melts enchantingly down, forming a unique, organic sculpture as time wears on

Made in Spain

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