Dina Broadhurst - FARADAYS


Sydney based artist and collector Dina Broadhurst has become a disruptively iconic figure on the art scene, most well known for her dramatic, large scale displays of desire and allure.
Within her work, Dina transforms the world of luxury into portraits of self discovery, reflection and growth via mediums of photography, collage, paint and sculpture. Her directional aesthetic is now instantly recognisable to those familiar with her work. Designed to celebrate the untamed natural beauty inside, it is a beautiful rejection of the staged, polished, edited and perfected versions of reality most often presented and consumed, through the portals of social media we find ourselves so engrossed in today.
Dina's original compositions and self-portraits are modern works of art which seduce, inspire and provoke thought - with the aim of encouraging discovery of the hidden beauty within us all.

Scroll down to view a curated selection of her limited edition prints, now available for purchase. And to learn a little more about the artist, click here to read our recent Q&A with Dina, in celebration of her collaborative launch series for FARADAYS.

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