What packaging options can I choose from for my order?
We offer a beautiful range of packaging options for all orders, if you would like your order specifically gift wrapped with a note. Please feel free to email us at customercare@faradays.store with your order number for this to be arranged.


Can I amend or cancel my order? Or an item from my order?
You are welcome to amend or cancel your order based on the status of your order. Please note we will be unable to add an item to the order.


What do I do if I think an item purchased is faulty?
If you are concerned that an item you have received is not as expected, please contact us immediately. Our process for accessing any items that may be of a faulty nature is to send imagery to our customer care team - we will then send this to the atelier for assessment.


How do I track my order?
To track your order, please follow the tracking instructions and link that is sent to your email address. If you would like assistance in tracking your order. Please contact our customer care team directly.
The logistics partners that we use for shipments are DHL, NZPost, and Sub60.


How do I redeem a gift card on the website?
You are able to redeem a gift card using the unique code provided on each gift card. You are able to enter this at checkout. The nominal amount will then be subtracted from your total purchase value. You are able to purchase gift cards on our website directly or in-store.


I am shipping an item to an overseas address - will I need to pay any additional taxes or duties on top of the purchase price? Our prices are inclusive of GST in New Zealand, however, any import taxes or duties required for payment to any other country are not included in our prices and, if required, must be covered by the buyer. If you are unsure, we recommend requesting this information from your local post office or customs contact centre.


Where do I get direct customer care to answer any of my questions?
We have a customer care page which is visible in the bottom bar of the website. Otherwise, you can contact us directly on our email customercare@faradays.store.

You are also able to contact us directly by calling our store line which is (09) 217-1017 where you will be able to speak to one of our sales representatives.


How do I contact the Press or Marketing department?
You are able to contact our press and marketing team by sending an email to the below addresses:


How do I contact the Buying team?
Please send any buying enquiries to buyer@faradays.store


I’d love to work for FARADAYS, where can I send my resume?
We’d love to hear from you. Please send your resume to careers@faradays.store.