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Candle Kit


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Introducing the exquisite Candle Kit, meticulously designed in brass and adorned with a luxurious brushed-gold finish. This kit includes three expertly crafted tools, specifically tailored for the upkeep of LOEWE Home Scents Scented Candles.

Ensure your Scented Candles stay in perfect condition with our Candle Snuffer, ideal for safely extinguishing the flame. The Wick Trimmer effortlessly cleans burnt wicks, promoting a clean and even burn. Utilize the Wick Dipper to elegantly prime the wick with wax, preparing it for your next delightful candle experience. Elevate your candle ritual with this thoughtfully curated kit, designed to enhance the longevity and allure of your LOEWE Home Scents Scented Candles.

- Candle Snuffer, Wick Trimmer and Wick Dipper linked together on a set of chains.
- Comfortable, ergonomic design
- Scissors-shaped trimmer
- Cone-shaped snuffer
- Stick-shaped dipper
- LOEWE Anagram charm link.

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