ELIXIR Solo Ella


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Experience the sensual LOEWE Solo Ella Elixir EDP, an evolution of the beloved Solo Ella scent. Taking the fragrance to new heights this elixir boasts a stronger concentration of essential oils that infuse every moment with resonance.

Boldly modern and daringly unconventional, this scent unveils a symphony of delicate notes that blend floral accents with a medley of spices and woods. Its fruity-floral composition weaves together pear, tuberose, sandalwood, and musk, creating a harmonious olfactory journey that is at once sophisticated and beguiling.

LOEWE Solo is an ode to the equilibrium found during sunset, where opposites unite and night converges with the day. Inspired by this balance the Solo Elixir embodies this transition with its alluring scent.

Encased in a glass flask of gradient orange, reminiscent of the sun’s embrace, this fragrance pays homage to its original and a final touch of distinction with a signature wooden cap.

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