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Musk Road Diffuser Refill


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Reed diffuser oil refill with Musk Road fragrance in a 300 ml glass bottle and 6 diffuser wands.

Embark on an olfactory journey along the Silk Road. Soft, powdery notes of iris and violet delicately dance with the enduring scent of white musk. The essence of the Mediterranean mingles with hints of distant lands, creating an enchanting blend. This aromatic voyage transcends mere pathways; it is a captivating escape, lingering as fleetingly as a breath or perhaps, eternally.

How to: dip both ends of the sticks into the liquid. The liquid is fully absorbed in a maximum of 24 hours.
Lifetime: 90-120 days

Olfactory family

Olfactory pyramid
Top notes: bergamot, violet, mint, absinthe
Middle notes: aquatic sentors, iris, geranium
Base notes: white musk, cedar wood, patchouli


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