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Profumi Luchino 80 La Gazelle D’Or Scented Incense Sticks


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Refill pack with 80 scented incense sticks, fragrance La Gazelle d’Or. Accompanied by Luchino’s Souvenirs incense burner Cammeo.

Dappled shade in the medina. Mint tea and geranium oil, with the heady scent of Moroccan rose.

Alleys, arches, galleries, cul-de-sacs, narrow openings, flights of steps… a labyrinth of delights but forbidden pleasures where the soft pink and blue shadows are hallucinatory: this is the medina. And one has become lost in this maze. Its brightness has vanished. But we shall see it again later, at La Gazelle d’Or, while sipping mint tea with blue-tinted hands.

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