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Profumi Luchino – Regular Candle


Rajathra Palace designer scented candle, with a pure porcelain body and a burning time of about 30 hours. A Maharaja’s retreat in the hills of Rajasthan. Rose and patchouli, sensual spices and a sultry animalic scent.

When the Maharaja left for Monaco in 1948, the crumbling palace was closed. Its marble rooms were nonetheless cleaned and polished every day, and its legendary rose gardens watered and cared for. A guard is still posted on the ramparts, watching over the winding entrance avenue, at the same time hoping to see a cloud of dust, raised by a procession on horseback.

Once the wax is finished, the porcelain body can be used as an interior decoration, storage box and container. It is available in the other four Fox Thicket Folly, La Gazelle d’Or, Rain Rock Creek and Palazzo Centauro fragrances, also in large size.

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