Musings from Paris - FARADAYS

Fresh from her return from Europe this week, we sat down with Faradays co-founder and creative director, Constance von Dadelszen to learn about her favourite takeaways from Paris Fashion Week for our family of international Maisons.


Read on to learn about the standout looks from each designer, what to expect in store in 2023, top travel trips for a post-pandemic world, and what one packs in their purse for the front row.


Strength in femininity.


This season, creative director Jonathan Anderson’s work presented a collection comprised largely of incredibly feminine silhouettes, but there was always a strength and structure to them.


The use of the Anthurium flower felt quite irreverent – it’s not a delicate, pretty flower, rather it is sculptural and sleek, echoed by the oversized metal structure forming the centrepiece for the show.


The colour palette was pure joy. A melange of vibrant, poppy reds and playful sunshine yellows, to fresh green and the peaceful, angelic hue of blue.


This collection felt like a rebirth; not just a welcoming of the incoming season, but an acknowledgement that we are seeing the end of a tough few years. Now, life must be lived; life is beautiful, and let's look forward to the sunnier days ahead.


Next year at Faradays from Loewe, it's going to be the season of the mini, with plenty of leather - as Loewe does best - and structured silhouettes.  Think A-line skirts, aviator jackets, and statement accessories that bring Jonathan’s sense of adventure, frivolity and celebration of fashion to life.



Nostalgic, Parisian, Rock-n-roll.


It has become a popular theme on TikTok for people to describe their style in three words.


There has simultaneously been a lot of talk in the industry about what the Givenchy woman stands for, about the codes of the house.


I think Givenchy really played on what those three words are this season and as a result, SS23 was an incredibly exciting collection.


Nostalgic, Parisian, with a touch of Rock n’ Roll, Creative Director Matthew M. Williams took a number of silhouettes from the archives and reinvented them to suit his street-leaning aesthetic. I thought it was genius to have Carine Roitfeld style the show. The ultimate Parisienne, she embodies the modern Givenchy woman completely.


If you're a big Givenchy fan, you'll find comfort in seeing the nods to past collections at Faradays next year, and for new clients, you'll enjoy Matthew's fresh take as well. The offering leans heavily into the Maison's French heritage, with easy wearability; think great core casual tees, minimalist separates, edgy accessories and luxe sneaker styles for off-duty days.


Beautiful, archival, exhibition-worthy.

Alaïa is just one of the most beautiful brands in the world. Visiting their Paris showroom for the first time was like visiting a museum, the clothing like breath-taking sculptures on display.

Each piece is truly a work of art, and I think if you are a lover of everything that luxury fashion stands for, Alaïa is the pinnacle. Consistently aspirational, owning any piece of Alaïa is a fail-safe building block for one’s timeless personal archive.

It was a treat to see the collection that will soon be in store at Faradays - seeing everything in real life for the first time, after buying via screens for the past two years, was something else. To touch and feel the fabrics, to see the way it drapes perfectly on the body.

On the accessories front, I am excited to be introducing what I think will become a new icon for Alaïa - the Papa bag.

The footwear offering is also exceptional, as is the incoming ready-to-wear offering. As will all seasons, Alaïa WS23 is like couture for the everyday. Every piece is wait-list worthy.



Glamourous, sensual, hyper-feminine.

Exploring the new collection from Alexandre Vauthier felt like a true celebration of life. A sartorial signal that the days of being pent up inside are finally behind us.

It’s time to pop that bottle of champagne and experience la joie de vivre! If you're going to head out for dinner, why not make it fabulous? If you're going out with the girls, why not make it a moment? Life is too short not to enjoy it.

It's wonderful that we are now in a position in New Zealand to be able to enter into that core part of what that brand language is – sensual, hyper feminine, unapologetically fabulous.

We have invested heavily in their codes for evening wear; expect SS23 to be the return of gowns, the return of cocktail wear, the return of glamour.



Luxurious, conscious, crafted-to-perfection.

Alongside their divine seasonal collections, when visiting the team in Paris we were delighted to be offered the opportunity to buy into Bordelle’s incoming limited edition Signatures collection, which will only be available in five stores around the world.


Seeing the brand be so well received here – even more so than we anticipated, with sell-outs occurring before styles have even landed – it’s been wonderful to be a part of the journey for the brand to date, and we can’t wait to share what’s next; watch this space for exquisite new arrivals set to land in time for the festive season.


Reflecting on the trip as a whole, the most memorable part was…


Getting out of the screen and meeting everyone in person. We have built wonderful relationships with our family of brands virtually over the past three years, but seeing them in person took it to another level. To connect over long lunches and dinners together, to see the showrooms within which they work, create, curate. Taking it all from 2D to 3D was incomparable.


After almost a year since we opened the doors, the overwhelmingly positive feedback about the unique experience we have created at Faradays on the other side of the world was also truly humbling.


On packing for a schedule of 50 meetings, shows and appointments in 12 short days


I had to pack cleverly for such a tightly scheduled trip – not to mention during a time in Europe when four seasons in a day is the general forecast!


I built a seasonless, foundational wardrobe of monochrome separates that could be mixed and matched to suit a plethora of occasions, of course with key designer moments to ensure I was paying homage to our brands when attending their shows and showroom visits.  Accessories played a major component in each outfit and gave me the pop of colour, leopard print, or texture needed to elevate even the simplest of outfits.


My Fashion Week on-hand essentials


I carefully packed my purse every day, with a dystopian amount of things, including, but not limited to two types of snacks (always one salty, one sweet) – this came in handy when getting stuck in unexpected traffic for upwards of two hours – a charging cable, headphones, hand sanitiser, La Bouche Rouge Red Lip Balm for day, Regal Red Lipstick for instant evening elevation, and the eyebrow brush for backseat touch-ups,  a pair of statement earrings, again for evening, my Alaïa Cat Eye Sunglasses, A Xerjoff ‘Iriss’ mini atomiser sample, and my most treasured possession, a memento from home – a little card from Arthur, my two year old son.


A few tips for those with Europe travel plans on the horizon

  • If you wish to dine out at a particular establishment, book prior to travelling.  As mentioned, everyone is out – From Tuesday to Sunday, the restaurants are full, the cafés are full.
  • The same goes for Ubers – pre-book, or expect to walk!
  • Take heed of dress codes and the general vibe of the establishments, with the welcome return to glamour, make the most of the occasion and dress to the nines.
  • If travelling internally in Europe, take the fast train rather than flying for a far more seamless experience.
  • Much has changed, developed, launched since 2019, don’t just go back to your old favourites, take a moment to experience the new and exciting restaurants, hotels and even galleries that have popped up over the last couple of years.  We found a gorgeous sustainable hotel in St. Germain that blew us away.


To wind up, something I didn’t expect about the trip was…


The complete return to ‘normal’. In Europe, everyone has left Covid behind them.

The bars, restaurants and boutiques are full, people are out partying, staying out late, dressing up. The vibe was truly magnetic.


I think we are getting there back home, but it’s time for us to really move forward like the rest of the world has done - I hope some of the gorgeous pieces we have brought back will help to inspire people to do that. Life is for living x