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Candle snuffer


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A cone-shaped Candle Snuffer in terracotta ceramic with an integrated leather strap—the ideal accessory for extinguishing your LOEWE Home Scents Scented Candle safely and cleanly. Echoing the tactile finishes of LOEWE’s iconic bags, the strap features contrast stitching and two gold-plated, cube-shaped charms, stamped with the house’s anagram symbol.

- Cone-shaped snuffer crafted in terracotta
- Underside glazed in black to resist soot stains
- Integrated brown leather strap for ease of handling
- Anagram charms plated in gold

Hold your Candle Snuffer securely by the leather strap. Pinch the leather strap below the knot closest to the ceramic cone for increased stability. Place the ceramic cone carefully over the candle’s naked flame to extinguish it. Avoid the Candle Snuffer making contact with the candle’s hot wax.

If contact with hot wax occurs, allow it to cool completely before cleaning. Avoid touching the Candle Snuffer when hot. Leave to cool on a heat-resistant surface.

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