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Lapis Variopinto Trio of Vases


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The iconic Lapis Variopinto Trio of Vases can be utilised individually for beautiful floral arrangements or stacked as an incredible sculpture.

“In 2010, Borek Sipek invited myself and designers Andrea Branzi, Ron Arad, Oscar Tusquets and Nanda Vigo to design a blown glass object that would be created by his glass factory in Bohemia. It was a collection of unique pieces that were presented at the Spazio Krizia Milano in April 2011 and subsequently sold at an auction in New York. The project remained silent for many years until my son Francesco, to whom I had given the piece I had designed, thought it could be re-edited in a more contemporary way using the techniques of reuse and recovery from pieces of waste glass. Francesco has worked with Stories of Italy, a Milano based studio specialising in Murano glass to revive these pieces. With just 4 hands, the collection has been reborn, preserving the original shapes but presenting them with a new image that is in tune with the current theme of sustainability”. – Alberto Meda

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