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Profumi Luchino 6 Fox Thicket Folly Candlesticks


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Refill with six green designer scented candles, Fox Thicket Folly fragrance. They are to be matched with the Luchino’s Souvenir Fox Thicket Folly designer candelabra. Each candle is 19 cm / 7,4 in long, weighs 65 grams / 2,29 oz

A gothick folly, warmed by a crackling fire. The scent of woodsmoke, cedar, patchouli and tobacco.
It is autumn. At the heart of a wood engulfed in mist stands the silhouette of a fantastic Gothic building, a “caprice”: it is Fox Thicket Folly. Inside, a large deserted room is illumined by the warm glow of the candles and the fire crackling in the hearth. There are piles and piles of books all around. Meanwhile, in the garden behind the house, the gardener has lit a bonfire. In this ancient woodland, something will happen tonight.

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