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Xerjoff More Than Words Eau de Parfum


The Join the Club collection of fragrances represents a series of exclusive clubs, from art and poetry to yachting and golf. In keeping with the rare nature of these fragrances, ingredients are kept a closely guarded secret, instead inviting the wearer to immerse themselves in the imagined world. More Than Words imagines a secret club of writers and poets, inspired by literature and the power of the written word; their creativity is bound only by the paper they write on.
The fragrance is sweet, warm and spicy with complex turns; sweet dried fruit mixes with smokey labdanum. Lovely rose mingles with oriental spicy notes, oud and ambra. A really exiting scent for the creative individual who is searching for something different.


- Citrus floral accord, Woody amber accord, Woody notes
- Made in Italy

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