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La Prairie

For 90 years, La Prairie has harnessed Swiss cellular science to craft skincare icons that defy time. At the core of this mastery is the Exclusive Cellular Complex, a hallmark of rejuvenation and beauty.

Founded on the serene shores of Switzerland’s Lac Leman, Clinique La Prairie began with a singular vision: rejuvenation. Dr. Paul Niehans, a Zurich University graduate, believed in the power of science to unlock eternal youth. In 1931, his groundbreaking cellular therapy at the clinic achieved astonishing results, attracting elite clientele from around the world.

Inspired by this legacy, La Prairie developed the Exclusive Cellular Complex, a secret blend that epitomises cellular therapy. Utilising exquisite ingredients like rich caviar, rare platinum, and opulent gold, La Prairie transforms science into art. This fusion of Swiss precision, scientific innovation, and luxurious ingredients creates a magical skincare experience that performs beautifully.

La Prairie’s heritage of art, science, and pioneering excellence remains a promise—the promise of time.

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