Constance's Holiday Gift Guide - FARADAYS
If you read my gift guide last year, you'll have noticed it was full of new additions I'd recently made to my own wardrobe and home - as I always feel the most confident about gifting pieces I've tried, tested and given the tick of approval to myself.
In the same spirit, this year I’m reflecting on the pieces I've added to my collection during 2022 - those gorgeous accessories, garments or objets d'art which have brought me the most joy for me each day, no matter the weather or season.
My best personal investments, and therefore my best advice when seeking to find a gift that will spark endless joy for yourself or a loved one is to consider the same.
As a helpful starting point, enjoy this roundup of failsafe pieces, whether they be larger investments or smaller, but just as precious gifts that will be cherished for years to come.

Fabulous Heels

Last year I purchased a pair of cherry red heels - the Alaïa La Bombe Sandals - and they have since become one of my favourite pairs of shoes.

If you haven’t taken the plunge and purchased a red pair of heels for yourself (or the lady in your life) yet I highly suggest it.

These heels garner comments every time I wear them - they are fun, feminine and festive and remind me not to take fashion so seriously - dressing up is to be enjoyed!

My pick from this season's offering would be the gorgeous Louboutin Hot Chick Sling - and noone one does a red shoe better than the king of “red bottoms”.




A perfume from Loewe

To celebrate the launch of Faradays, I wanted to select a scent that would remind me of that first moment of excitement during the opening of the store, and our first ever festive season.

I chose Pink Magnolia by Loewe, and each time I spray it I’m reminded of the pride and sense of joy I felt on our very first open day.

As time has gone on, Pink Magnolia has become a favourite scent of a few of my close friends, too - and I love this. To make it feel a little more personal to me, I now layer it with Woman by Loewe, which beautifully over the original scent, adding a layer of freshness and feminine strength.  A nod to the huge amount of lessons I’ve learned, and growth I've experienced personally during the past year of business.

Luxury for the home

A luxury item for the home which can be enjoyed by not only you, but by any guest in your home is a truly wonderful gift.

This past year, a stand out for me was the Stories of Italy x Faradays Collaboration Vase - a celebration of our launch that will become an heirloom for our son Arthur.

My pick this season would be a Saved NY cashmere throw to cuddle under in the cooler months, or to just add a layer of gorgeous comfort to one's couch. The quality will stand the test of time but the designs are always fun and unique.


Personal touches

For me, at this time of year, nothing beats the ease of dressing from day to night by adding a slick of red lipstick and another dash of highlighter.

La Bouche Rouge does the very best of both - I’ve tried every powder highlighter imaginable and nothing makes me feel lit from within like La Bouche Rouge's Lumiere Compact.

For lips, my favourite shade to last throughout the night is Rouge Anja; it's satin soft, and beautifully hydrating.


Unnecessary baggage

We’ve all got extra baggage come the end of the year, it’s been a big one…but why not treat yourself to a bag that you can carry into the New Year which is both gorgeous, and becomes 'the one' you pull out for the most fun excursions.

For me this year, it was the Maison Alaïa 'Le Coeur' - the Heart Bag - a completely unnecessary bag that I really didn’t need, but desired.

It’s now one of my most-worn bags, my son loves it, when I wear it he calls it the “big big heart”, and it’s seen the best times.

My suggestion would be the Heart Bag in any colour, or if you like to fit more than your phone and a lipstick in your bag, then plump for the patent crystal encrusted Geraldine Bag, by Alexandre Vauthier, which is just as fabulous, but will hold a lot more.

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